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In Flow to Grow, the cash flow support you've been looking for

Was $150 now $99
(until June 30, 2024)

Finally, a simple way for you to manage your cash flow and feel confident

We often start a business to have choice, freedom and flexibility. The one thing that can take all of those from us is the sales and finances in our business.

From day one of my business, I’ve been running this spreadsheet. No matter what has been happening in the world or my personal life it’s been the one consistent that has got me through and I want women to have access to it to have the same clarity and choice when it comes to their finances.

This planner is designed for EVERYONE - even if you think keeping track of money isn't your strength. This isn't the kind of complicated cash flow planner that overwhelms you - it's simple, clear, and a breath of fresh air. It's time to find flow with our finances.

With In Flow to Grow, you can track forecast and plan with ease, feel empowered to move forward and grow in your business and life.

Are you over feeling like:

"I always forget about bills and get a surprise".
"I’m not sure how much to leave in my account".
"I always get caught out at BAS time, I haven’t put money aside".
"I want to hire, rebrand, go on a retreat etc but I don’t know how I’ll pay for it".
"I don’t know how to track all of the income that’s coming in and it stops me from investing in my business".
"I don’t know how much to pay myself".

If you’re ready to level up in business and feel a lot more confident around your finances In Flow to Grow is for you.

Clarity brings peace and that’s what I want for you. To feel in flow and more at ease in your business because you know exactly where it’s at! 

Investment: $99 AUD

Was $150 now $99
(until June 30, 2024)

  • Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet format
  • Compatible with Google Sheets
  • Month-to-month tracker for incoming and outgoings
  • Direct debits and recurring payments tracking
  • Wages, tax and super contributions tracking
  • Income streams breakdown and tracking client payments
  • Overview of what’s coming in vs. what’s going out and your overall position for that month
  • Video tutorial and PDF User Guide

What's included:

I recently had a 1:1 mentoring session with an Interior Design client that had purchased In Flow to Grow and was in the process of setting it up. She just had a big job push back its start date and was so stressed about money and she was feeling so flat!

We set up her expenses for the next few months, added in all of her incoming fees in the months that they were due along with the investment in her rebrand that she was hoping to do. And guess what? Her incoming invoices had her covered for almost 3 months if she didn’t sell another thing.

Fear and overwhelm gone in an instant because it was so clear in black and white that she was okay but she had no way of knowing that without a proper cash flow planner.

Once set up and edited regularly, In Flow to Grow cash flow planner will change the way you run your business.

Let me tell you a quick story

No more carrying the mental load of holding it all in your head or having figures jotted down here there and everywhere. I want you to feel the incredible relief and empowerment that comes with taking control. Let’s experience a cash flow system that supports you to grow - rather than holding you back.

Say goodbye to the endless pressure that comes with not knowing where you’re at with your finances.

The spreadsheet will let you know if you don’t have enough coming in to support your expenses and when you need to look for new income streams or increase your prices.

How the cash flow planner will support you

Have clarity in exactly what money is coming in and going out each month

Stop constantly second-guessing when expenses are due, if invoices have been paid, and what you should spend and what you should hold onto in your bank account.

Less pressure on your mental load

Have the ability to forecast and plan ahead of time from a more confident place for things such as rebranding, hiring, seeking legal support, purchasing new equipment, renting office or warehouse space.

Be proactive in planning for improvement or growth in your business

Develop the awareness and ability to start putting money aside for TAX and BAS. Far too many times I’ve seen this overlooked until the money is due. Plan ahead and allocate monthly amounts ready for each quarter.

Understand and take control of your TAX and BAS

Understand and have clarity on your cash flow and tracking your finances.

Was $150 now $99
(until June 30, 2024)

Investment: $99 AUD


"I have purchased your In Flow to Grow spreadsheet. I was very impressed with the level of clarity and explanation behind the product and how to use it. Perfect for someone like me! The video you provided felt so approachable like I was actually having a session with you in person. Thank you - amazing job and I am looking forward to using it".


"Using In Flow to Grow has become a daily habit that has brought me so much more clarity around what I'm spending in my business vs. what I'm bringing in. I feel so much more in control of my finances now than ever before. The spreadsheet is easy to use and everything is laid out in front of you. It's allowed me to plan ahead so I can hire new team members and grow my business".

How the cash flow planner and other financial resources have supported others