Kate Addamo is the Mentor to Creatives and your biggest supporter. 



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What is she asking for?

It's time to listen to the woman behind the brand.

Before any of this can happen, I want you to understand the importance of prioritising your health and what you value, to soften into your feminine flow and listen to what your body needs in the season you’re in. The more connected you are to yourself, the more everything falls into a natural, easy rhythm. “Busy” is no longer a measure of our worthiness. It’s time to slow down, block out the noise of the outside world and all the ‘shoulds’, and reconnect with the woman behind the brand and what she needs. 

She’s waiting to reconnect with herself.

I’m here to show you how to think and do things differently – both in business and life. My purpose is to help you create a successful business that supports you, building solid foundations and learning to simplify the rest. I love empowering women to understand their value, get clear on their services and pricing, put in place the right processes and firm boundaries and come away with immense clarity on where they are going on their business journey.

kate addamo is the mentor to creatives and your biggest supporter.







Early on in my relationship with Adrian (my husband), a move to Melbourne meant a change of pace experiencing city life. In 2020, we relocated back to Toowoomba to be closer to family, and embrace slower living. 

My beautiful mother recently passed away after a long battle with breast cancer. The conversations had, lessons learnt, her strength and her legacy are what I will be forever grateful for.

Through my own challenges of adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalances and migraines, I’ve realised that something has to change and it starts with me. This is why I look at business and life holistically as a mentor, sharing what I’ve learnt in health, emotions and our cycle and how it impacts our bodies and our approach to business. 

I’ve always been entrepreneurial – I love business and ideas flow easily from me. A country girl at heart, I grew up on a farm in Southeast Queensland. My life and career prior to becoming a mentor has been incredibly varied, from retail to building and construction, the motor industry, property styling and briefly in real estate. This experience coupled with starting my own interiors business in Toowoomba before the move to Melbourne has given me exposure to so many facets of life and business. Everything I’ve experienced, witnessed or been curious enough to learn, has led me to the most aligned career I could imagine. 

The first ten years of my working life were spent in male dominated sales industries. Yes, it toughened me up and I learnt plenty, but it also had a negative impact. I’ve had health challenges since my early 20’s and this has sent me on a healing and self development journey that still continues today. I’ve found that the more I worked on me, the more it became clear just how important it is to prioritise my mental, physical and spiritual health and that when I’m taking care of myself, everything around me thrives, including my business. I want to share what I’ve learnt and show women that business and life can be aligned, in flow and enjoyable. 

“I’m constantly learning, growing and evolving in all areas of my life and business to not only support me, but support you as the best mentor I can be”

"I want working with me to have a flow on effect that has an impact on your whole life."  



The Podcast was born to share my story and what I continue to learn on my own journey of growth with you. Authentic and from the heart, let’s explore what it means to run a proactive and sustainable business on your terms. We’ll talk all things life, health, worth and boundaries, business, finances, brand and so much more.

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