Kate Addamo is the Mentor to Creatives and your biggest supporter. 



It’s time to exhale.
Welcome to a space where life and business are in flow.

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A soft place

Everything in business and life is interwoven. It’s my honour to help you unlock your purpose and design your life with intention, to see the bigger picture of how all the puzzle pieces connect together with ease. I want women like you to be happier, healthier and less rushed in life with personalised support that goes beyond the surface. When we let go of the hustle culture and what’s no longer serving us, we create space for flow. From brand, finances, processes and boundaries, health, and everything in between, let’s get back to the foundations to build from a place of clarity and confidence. 

There is no magic formula and perfect doesn’t exist. I’m here to offer you a different kind of guidance – a journey of reconnection back to yourself and what you value most to create a sustainable, grounded business that aligns with the life you want to live. Holistic in approach, I’ll meet you where you're at and guide you to where you want to be, setting up solid foundations for your business that come from knowing who you are and what you stand for.

It’s time to redefine what success looks like to you and design a business that supports and nourishes the life you want to live.  

Kate Addamo is the Mentor to Creatives and your biggest supporter.


Supporting the woman behind the brand.

The Mentor to Creatives

Amy Edwards, Markedly

The regular check-in is exactly what I need to keep me accountable. But also, a steady sounding board and someone to question what I’m doing and why – particularly when I want to rush something, she digs a little deeper to figure out what the real issue is. And I also love that she’s this strong woman who’s a straight shooter, while also being a beautiful soft soul who has nurtured me through the entire process.

“I always feel like she’s in my corner, pushing me along and encouraging me to get where I need to go”


Working with Kate has truly been a transformative experience. Her guidance and unwavering support has been instrumental in reshaping my Interior Design Studio, slowing down the pace at which I operate and streamlining my team. The changes we identified and implemented together have allowed me to find a balance that I previously thought was unattainable. Kate has a unique ability to see the big picture while also tuning in to the finer details. Her insight and support have empowered me to make tough decisions with confidence and clarity. I am now focused on what truly matters to me, in both my business and my personal life. Off-the-charts grateful for you, Kate!

"Kate is not just a coach, but a mentor who is deeply invested in women's success and well-being. Her ongoing encouragement and fierce belief in me has fuelled my growth at so many levels, every step of the way."


Kate is so knowledgeable and down to earth with a refreshing approach to business mentoring. She took the time to understand both my business and life, and her advice has really had such a positive impact on me and the way I view my business. I love that Kate has a holistic perspective and has focused on guiding me in creating a sustainable business that is in alignment with my values and lifestyle. Her mentoring has been an absolute game changer and it’s honestly been the best investment in my business. I would recommend Kate as a must-have mentor for anyone wanting guidance, sound advice and practical tools to run their business without the overwhelm and stress.

“Her mentoring has been an absolute game changer and it’s honestly been the best investment in my business”


She can read me so well and knows when I need to pivot from business chats to life chats. It’s easy to work all the time having your own business and lose the most important focus - family life and myself!

“Kate’s energy, patience and knowledge is amazing and she is also not afraid to give me some tough love, which makes all the difference”

Phoebe Croucher, Olive Interior Styling

From deep diving into my finances during our first session (eye opening to say the least!) to putting me in touch with my now bookkeeper, an amazing copy writer for my new website and a lawyer for updating my terms and conditions. As a business owner you often become so obsessed with the day to day running of it that you forget what the most important thing is - to live a full and happy life outside of it! I can't wait to keep working with Kate in the future.

“Kate has given me so many amazing tools to use, but most importantly she has given me the confidence to know my worth and to start putting myself first”


Kate’s nurturing energy, and straight shooting guidance has had an undeniable, significant impact. She’s shown me there’s a different way to run my studio, one that feels deeply aligned with my purpose and what matters most. As women, creatives and mothers, it can be all too easy to put ourselves last and give to the point of burn out. Kate has a way of bringing my passion back to the forefront and reminding me of my “why” and my power. I know for sure that I wouldn’t be where I am without her. To know her is a gift, you can’t help but come away feeling changed. 

“She has pulled me out of the weeds to see the bigger picture - with a roadmap and practical steps to not just dream about it, but put things into motion”



Love Notes



It does get to be easier but it takes commitment. Let's go behind the gloss, and the hustle culture that we see online, and get real about what it takes to create and run a sustainable business and life.

Life and Business in Flow

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