Kate Addamo is the Mentor to Creatives and your biggest supporter. 



I imagine when you started this business it was to have more space, flexibility and maybe to spend more time with your family. At this point, that's likely feeling like a cruel joke and so far from your current reality.

Feelings of peace and calm are near impossible and maybe you're not sure how you would even begin to create that for yourself?

You love what you do. It started out as a passion but time, lack of process, boundaries, as well as imposture syndrome and avoiding your finances have got you wondering whether it's all worth it?


It's all become a little too much and you're not sure how to get back on track to find a little flow with things rather than always feeling like you're up against it.

I would love to support you to switch your business and life from reactive to proactive. To feel more confident, have clarity and a plan with much more visibility.

Despite what Instagram says, there are no quick fixes or overnight success. Creating a sustainable business takes time, commitment and solid foundations, but it's not as hard as you think (and it's certainly not as hard as it is now!).


I see you and I want something better for          


To my knowledge, there is nothing like Flourish on the market, especially with the amount of contact hours. It truly is special and incredibly holistic. Flourish has evolved over years of trialling a number of things in my own life and business and mentoring women 1:1. Now I’m sharing it with you; the woman that is ready for change, for things to be easier and to feel a sense of peace in her life. 

Together, let's reset your business

Connect you back to you, because from that place, you make more empowered decisions

Reduce imposter syndrome and look less to others but instead internally for the answers

A focus on your confidence, mindset, time management, boundaries and leadership

Redefine what success looks like to you and create a business model that suits the season of life you’re in

A deep dive into your brand to realign it and ensure your message is speaking to your ideal clients. If you choose to rebrand, I can hold your hand through the process and put you in touch with some amazing suppliers for the branding, copywriting, photography and web design

We’ll work through your process and the client journey - not just the physical process, but also the sales process in a non-cheesy way that feels aligned

Streamline your systems and processes to effectively structure your business

A comprehensive analysis of your services - how to price each service, the why behind them and how many you should be offering to ensure you don’t burn out

Together we’ll look at whether it’s time to hire support, if so, who and how to go about it. If you have support, we’ll refine it and plan to have them better support you and look at what support is still needed

Simplify your finances and give you clarity around your sales and expenses, how to set targets and forecast

Plan and prioritise what's needed in your business right now and what can take a back seat

And whatever else comes up. I’m an open book and here to support you with whatever you are going though in life and business


My signature 1:1 mentoring program for women who are serious about creating sustainable lives and businesses.

Without the above foundations firmly in place your business will always feel overwhelming. If you are truly ready to create a sustainable business, I would love to support you to Flourish.

How do we do this?

7 Zoom calls within a 6 month period (1 x 3hr, 6 x 2hr = 15 hrs in total)

Access to me for up to six months between sessions - email and DM support between calls to help you implement changes in your business and answer questions

A connection to my network of incredible suppliers – there is so much value in knowing who to trust and who is the right fit for you. 

Payment plans available 


"From the initial phone call with Kate, we connected and I knew she was the right coach for me. Kate has been much more than a business coach/mentor. She has been a mentor that has taught me to trust myself and my processes, and that it's okay to stay in my own lane. She understood the value of family and the importance it held for me. She taught me how to find the right balance between my work life and family life. Her processes throughout our time together were well-refined, structured and exactly what I needed. After each session I would walk away feeling inspired and assured that I was on the right path. Thank you Kate for giving me back my confidence and teaching me that as a woman and mother, there is a better way to do life and business."


Kara McGlone

In our time together, my aim is to make sure you’re grounded in your foundations and connected to yourself to allow for real growth both personally and in your business.

The more established the business, the more moving parts. Perhaps it’s just you or maybe you run a team, and you have a studio or warehouse. From what I’ve seen over the past few years, some beautiful brands have been created. They have a decent social media following, and everything looks great on the outside, but underneath they are drowning.

Confidence is low, you aren’t sure of the process and the clients are sensing this. Pricing and invoicing gets awkward and is often too low for the value being offered. Communication with staff is lacking. The income does not match the output and the concept of “me time”, well, that’s just unheard of. Maybe it’s time to rebrand, restructure your packages, hire some support in your business or pivot, and you’re not sure where to begin.

I’m here to guide, empower and support you through these decisions, open you up to new possibilities and encourage your personal growth to step into the leader your business needs you to be. You know it could be easier, so why wait any longer?

It can often feel overwhelming reaching out for help, but it doesn't need to be. This is a safe space. It’s your turn to be nurtured and supported.

My approach to mentoring is intuitive, strategic, to the point and looks at the whole picture: work and life holistically.


Make contact

Fill in your contact details here or on the Connect page and Kate will be in touch to chat.

Let's meet!

Once you've spoken to Kate and are ready to Flourish, you'll be sent the proposal to sign, pay and secure your dates.


Getting started

From there, Eliza will email you your Zoom and Calendar links and a questionnaire to complete.


Your first call

From booking to start date - there is nothing to prepare, come as you are and we'll dive in from where you are at.


Your next steps to flourish

"Thank you Kate, you have really helped push me into actioning all the thing I needed to get done, and given me the people to do them! Exactly what I needed. And the backup to think more deeply about health and how it all works together!"


Sally Rhys Jones

"Working with Kate has truly been a transformative experience . Her guidance and unwavering support has been instrumental to reshaping my Interior Design Studio, slowing down the pace at which I operate and streamlining my team. The changes we identified and implemented together have allowed me to find a balance that I previously thought was unattainable."


Donna Guyler 

"Thank you Kate for the invaluable guidance you have given me over the years. I honestly would be lost without your expertise. Your warm, caring nature and your genuine support has given me courage, focus and a work-life balance that I will be forever grateful for."


Becky Chamberlain

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kate. Every woman in business needs a Kate in their corner! Kate provides a beautiful safe space in really dive deep into understanding the who's, the how's and why we are in business."

Renegrade design studio

Sophia Conley

"Kate's energy, patience, and knowledge is amazing. She has been so supportive of me and there's been some serious times that I've needed her to pull me up and guide me to make big girl decisions. It can be lonely working for yourself on a project so to have that support person to call you out with tough love is so important."

gentle habits

Sophie Marshall

"Kate is a steady sounding board and someone to question what I'm doing and why - particularly when I want to rush something, she digs a little deeper to figure out what the real issue is. She is always in my corner, pushing me along and encouraging me to get where I need to go."


Amy Edwards

"Our journey was a wild one where Kate supported mum and myself through some very hard company decisions, said it how it was, inspired us, cried with us and laughed with us. Kate truly invests her whole heart into you and your needs. From those hard decisions came change and it was beautiful. Things started to organically unfold and the company now has some balance, stronger cashflow and a deeper understanding on what success looks like for us. If you are reading this and questioning if this is worth the time or investment....IT IS!!."

INNER Spirit Property Styling 

Amelia & Kaylean

"Kate always makes me feel seen, heard and supported. Lovingly challenging me and at the same time ready to roll up her sleeves and jump into the trenches with me to get stuff done. I've worked with many coaches and mentors over the years and have never come across anyone like Kate. Who can hold the bigger vision AND then dive into the detail with you to bring it to life. "


Emily Nair

"Kate’s so authentic and genuine. I felt she came to me at a pivotal time in my life and career when I was feeling a little stuck and uncertain of my direction. Kate reminded me of the importance of taking care of me and to search for what I really wanted from my life and business. Her guidance gave me the courage to take a step back and take a much needed breath. During this time I learnt to say ‘no’ to the things that didn’t light me up. Thank you Kate, for your support, kindness and love to allow me, to find ‘me’ again. You helped me to find ‘my balance and flow’, and to create a new version of my business and life that was authentic to me."


Kara McGlone

Flourishing women

I am here to support anyone that runs a creative and service-based business and wants to do things differently.

You might run an interiors, property styling, or building designer business. You might run a marketing, branding, copywriting or web design business. Or maybe you're in the wedding, events and catering industry, or are a bookkeeper, consultant, coach or holistic wellness facilitator?

It’s not the type of business that matters to me, it’s your wiliness to deep dive into your business, to want clarity, amazing clients, a beautiful brand and to create something sustainable.

Who do I mentor?

I have been there. I know what you’re going through and just how hard and lonely it can feel. I truly love supporting and nurturing my clients to have a better experience in business. I’ve supported over 200 clients to see major changes in their life and business and it’s so rewarding! I love to go deeper, get to the bottom of things and unlock what’s been holding you back. My mentoring is very holistic, I’m an open book and I’m here to help you cement the foundations of your business to create a great place to grow from. 

Why me?


I see you and I want something better for you.